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Upper School English

Dr. Hurwitz

Welcome to the "English 9-12: Travel & Home" website.  What follows are student handouts (as well as the occasional article or website that catches my eye), uploaded for your convenience (and helpful if you ever lose a handout).

semester II exam prep handout

project packets, poetry / graphic narrative (due 5/18)

vocab words, 2016-2017

ABC essay prompts (due 5/12)

April-May syllabus

in-class essay prep sheet (TG & Ham) (essay to be written on Fri, 3/10)

Hamilton group work packet (due 3/9)

True Grit essay prompts (paper due 2/16)

True Grit worksheet

in-class essay prep handout:  The Odyssey

revised syllabus, Jan-Mar 2017

senior project proposal form (deadline:  Tuesday, 1/24)

syllabus, January-March 2017

exam prep handout (exam, 1-2 p.m., 12/16)

W'ful Life group work, including shot analysis sheet (due end of class Tuesday, 12/13)

in-class essay prep for Chaucer (in class, Monday, 12/5)

film sequence outline sheets (due 11/14)

senior project handout

honors log book format page for IWP

essay assignment: story w/ vocab words (due 11/9)

Chaucer recitation & translation competition handout

Handout, ll. 1-18, general prologue

Canterbury Tales: audio

JC take-home essay assignment (paper due 10/18)

JC in-class essay prep handout

long JC group work (presentations on 10/5 & 6)

syllabus, 9/19-12/15

poetry terms

paper assignment: personal narrative (due 9/2)

lyric homework (due 8/26, 29, & 30)

overview & syllabus, aug.-oct.

policy statement, 2016-2017

honors requirements