Dr. Hurwitz

Seth Hurwitz
Upper School English

Dr. Hurwitz

I hope whoever is looking at this is having a great summer.  (On the other hand, I'm sort of wondering why you're looking at this at all.  Why aren't you relaxing and enjoying yourself?)  Since you're here, I'll let you know that next year's course will be called "English 9-12: Loss & Love," and this will be its website.  I've deleted most everything from this past school year, except for a few handouts that might be of some interest for next year.  I've also added a sheet that lists next school year's texts.  (Please note that the complete list of texts is in two different links.)  As in the past, we will also be analyzing a movie--and next year's film is Alfred Hitchcock's creepy thriller Shadow of a Doubt (1943).  That said, isn't it time for a picnic?

additional three texts, including Amazon links

partial list of texts for 2018-2019, including Amazon links

Senior Project Declaration Form, Word doc (deadline 12/11)

Senior Project Declaration Form, PDF (deadline, 12/11)

honors requirements

MLA template

policy statement