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Joe Dittrich
4-5-6 Math and Science

4-5-6 Guidelines

The Fulton School - St. Albans
Grades 4-5-6 Guidelines For Success

August 23, 2017

Dear Grades 4-5-6 Students and Parents,

So that the school year will be successful for all of us, we require that both students and parents read and discuss the following guidelines.

1. It is imperative that each student arrives before 8:10 AM daily so that he/she will have a minimum of five minutes to get organized for the day.  Classes begin at 8:15 AM.  

2. Dismissal time for Grades 4-5-6 is 3:15 PM to 3:30 PM.  4th & 5th grade students are sent to After Hours at 3:30 PM.  6th grade students go to Keeping Room

3. Doctor appointments should be scheduled for after school or school holidays so that the student will not miss academic instruction.

4. The student is responsible for completing any work missed due to absence/tardy.  Requests for homework must be made using e-mail by 9:00 AM to the homeroom teacher.  You may request that homework be sent home with another student or it can be picked up in the office at 3:30 PM.  

5. Certain after-school events are a vital part of the curriculum and require the student’s presence.  Please mark these dates on your calendar.

September 13-15, 2017 Outdoor Ed. 4-5-6 at Camp Wyman

February 2, 2018 Student-Led Conference Day

March 1, 2018 (6th Graders Only) 6th Grade Play

6. The communication/assignment journal serves as the daily vehicle of communication between the 4-5-6 teachers and parents.  Dates of special events will be noted in the journal.  Also, the student should write all assignments in the journal.  If the students have no homework in a subject, they will write the word “none” in that box for that day.  Parents should look at the journal each day and sign it.  Parents and teachers can also use email as a way of communicating.

7. One of the goals of Grades 4-5-6 is to develop effective home study habits.  Parents can assist students in scheduling homework time each evening.  Referring to the communication/assignment journal, which includes long-term projects as well as daily assignments, should aid in the timely completion of homework.  If the student consistently spends more or less than the allotted time to complete assignments, please contact his/her teacher.  Recommended homework times are: Grade 4 = 40 minutes, Grade 5 = 50 minutes, and Grade 6 = 60 minutes.  In addition to the homework time, we require students to read 15 minutes daily.  Directed Study time is made available at school to get some of the homework completed.

8. In some cases the teacher may request that the student remain after school for special help.  The student/parent should also feel free to request such help, and should make arrangements at least a day in advance.

9. Before going to bed, the student should organize, in one stack, all materials to be taken to school the next day so that nothing is forgotten in the usual morning rush.  For all students, this includes band instruments.

10. The student is responsible for checking supplies and replenishing them before they are depleted.  This includes a daily cloth placemat to be used at lunch time for everyone.  Teachers will initial communication/assignment journals to indicate missing supplies/homework, etc.  

We are looking forward to a very successful year.

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