Mr. Dittrich

Joe Dittrich
4-5-6 Math and Science

Mr. Dittrich 4-5-6 Science


Hands-On - No Textbook
1.      Foster an attitude of inquiry. Teach students to think, be innovative, and collaborate with others.
2.      Instill a feeling for the nature and processes of science by emphasizing STEM project-based assignments.
3.    Learn a systematic approach to problem solving using the scientific method and practice process skills listed below.
4.      Develop an understanding of how science fits into the world around us, and apply what they learn to real-life situations.
5.     Incorportate STEM based activities that teach students problem solving using science, technology, engineering, and math.  
Science Process Skills Taught and Practiced
Observing                     Classifying                    Inferring                             Predicting                       Creating
Measuring                    Communicating               Hypothesizing               Making Models             Designing
Estimating                     Controlling Variables    Collecting Data             Charting/Graphing        Memorizing  
Interpreting Data           Drawing Conclusions   Sketching                       Researching                 Collaboration
Writing                             Listening                       Public Speaking            Time Management         Coding
Organization                 Brainstorming               Visualizing                        Reading                           Innovate                                Flow Diagrams            Note taking                  Test Preparation                 Evaluate                        Technology
Topics Covered in Science 2017-2018

Autust-September              Solar Eclipse, Environmental Science
September-October           Electricity and Magnetism
 October-November           Skeletal System
December                           Nervous System                                           
January                               SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS BEGIN - continue with study of nervous system                    
February – March              Muscular System - Work on SCIENCE FAIR projects
April                                    Physics - local Science Fair April 4-11, 2018
May                                     Physic - Regional Science Fair at Queeny Park first week in May
Long Term Projects 2017-2018

Science Fair - Two days each week are devoted to science fair project tasks in the classroom.
4th Grade is optional for individuals (we will do a class project together)
5th Grade is required (can be done with a partner in class)
6th Grade is required and done individually(both in class and at home)