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6th Graders with Generous Hearts

Throughout the 2016-17 school year, The Fulton School sixth grade class ran the school store and hosted events like snowcone, ice cream, and bake sales to raise money for their philanthropy project – a tradition at TFS. In late spring, each student then researches local charities and nonprofit organizations that would be good candidates for a donation, and speakers from the organizations are invited to present to the class. In early May, the students then take a vote on who the final recipient should be.

This year, the sixth graders at Fulton School chose Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage in Pacific, Missouri.  Home 2 Home is a non-profit canine orphanage that aims to revolutionize the way dogs go about finding their perfect homes. Using high standards and a premium facility to provide dogs with a safe and loving environment, Home 2 Home allows dogs to socialize and get the exercise and care they need to succeed. The ultimate goal is to offer a natural environment for a better presentation to potential families. 

The students were greatly impacted by Home 2 Home because of its size, location, and mission. “This year’s sixth grade class was a great group of animal-lovers,” said 6th grade teacher Tracy Lannert. “The students felt strongly that Home 2 Home would benefit the most out of the charities they researched since the organization is so small. They really wanted their donation to make a difference.”

On Thursday, May 25 during their Moving Up Ceremony, The Fulton School 6th grade class presented a check for $2,500 to Home 2 Home founder Kristen Dellacamera.

Learn more about Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage on Facebook (search h2hdogs).

Photo: Sixth graders Brooke Leonard and Olivia Loyd present a check for $2,500 to Home 2 Home founder, Kristen Dellacamera, shown here with rescue dog Louise.

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