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TFS Hosting Art Exhibit

Earlier this year, The Fulton School was one of 13 schools in the greater St. Louis area selected to participate in the St. Louis Art Fair’s inaugural Student Art Aficionado Program, presented by Centene Charitable Foundation.

The Saint Louis Art Fair received a $30,000 grant from the PNC Foundation to support this new program, which exposes young students to the world of art through classroom exercises and discussions, culminating in an actual art purchase for their school.
Three middle school art students from Fulton School -- Kristina Fulton, Lexie Vick, and Olivia Loyd -- were chosen to represent The Fulton School in this program. In late August, this team of students, along with Upper School art teacher Shadia Hassan, attended the St. Louis Art Fair, one of the top juried art shows in the United States.
Given a budget of $750, the students worked together to select and purchase art for permanent installation in their school. With a second budget of $750, the students chose artwork to be purchased and donated to the St. Louis Art Fair’s Public Art Collection, which travels to area schools, hospitals, and community centers. All artwork donated to this collect is labeled as purchased by the “Students of School Name,” leaving a lasting impact on the collection and the community.
Following the Art Fair, the three art students, along with their families, Mrs. Hassan, and Lower School art teacher Ms. Kristin Kruger, attended a reception at the Third Degree Glass Factory to talk about the work they selected.
“It was really cool talking to the professional artists,” said TFS student art aficionado Kristina Fulton. “They were really engaging and explained how they made the pieces we were interested in. They gave a background on why they made it. I learned that you can do art with pretty much any material.”
The St. Louis Art Fair works with schools to put their traveling exhibit of their permanent collection in schools for students and the community. The collection includes all mediums, from paintings, sculpture, and wood art to 3-dimensional, pottery, and sketches. The artists are from cities across the nation. To see the full collection, visit www.saintlouisartfair.com/community...
“It is an honor to host this beautiful collection of art,” said Laura Hahn, director of communications at The Fulton School. “By hosting this exhibit, we are able to bring the excitement that our student art aficionados had at the actual art fair right into our school. The variety and breadth of work is so impressive. And we really love that we can showcase professional artists and have it be so up-close and personal for the students.”
The Fulton School will be hosting this collection until the first week in January. It is being displayed in the Keeping Room, as well as in the Library. Please stop by and view this wonderful collection.
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