Lower School Music (Montessori Years)

Lower School Music

Montessori Class through 3rd Grade Music Program:

The Montessori Class through 3rd grade music program is designed to support the TFS Mission and the Montessori philosophy. The core objective is to provide a sensorial experience that nurtures the musical intelligence of each child and lays a foundation for further study and exploration in music.

Essential Principles:

  • Freedom to explore the art of music making and sound including pitch, rhythm, tone,  musical forms, and effects.
  • Incorporation of musical instruments including Orff Instruments (percussion & mallets), guitars, strings, and the recorder.
  • Creative interaction with music through listening, singing, movement, describing, composing, and performing.
  • Collaboration with peers demonstrating a respect and understanding of different cultures and a shared community.
  • An emphasis on the process of music making.

Calendar & Curriculum Map:

Activities follow a calendar based curriculum during the year incorporating music associated with different seasonal activities such as Grandparents’ Day, Homecoming, a variety of holidays, and connections to other disciplines including art, social studies, math, and science. Each class follows a routine of “warm-up,” “practice,” and “play” as students work individually and as a cooperative ensemble. The Montessori-3rd grade music ensembles perform multiple times each semester and make annual visits in the community to attend and perform concerts.


Montessori Class

1st-3rd Grade


Rhythm Games

Echoing Music Games

Movement Songs



Basic Musical Form

-  question/answer

-  call/response

-  AB, ABA

-  repeated patterns

-  verse/refrain

Performing Musical Forms



Rhythm in Music

Keeping a Beat

Music and Nature

Music of Autumn

Movement with Music 



Characterize music purpose: Marches, play song, cultural song, art songs

Grandparent Day Performance


Cultural Songs of Missouri & U.S.A

- Folk Songs

- National Anthem

String Instruments & Percussion

Grandparent Day Performance



Follow the Leader

Contrasting Music

Loud & Soft

Music of Africa 

Performing in Parts

Dynamic Changes

Basic Music Notation


Fast & Slow Tempos

Musical Effects

Winter Music Performance

Dynamics, Expression, Articulation, and  Phrasing.

Gambril Gardens Community Performance

Winter Music Performance


Musical Quality: Tone

Listening and Describing Music

Music “Picture Pages”

Music Qualities:

-  tone

-  rhythm

-  pitch

-  effect

Describing Music using Music Terminology


Music & Stories

- Characters in Sound

- Thematic Music

Peter and the Wolf

Percussion Songs

Music & Stories

- Thematic Music

Beethoven's Music

Create a Musical Piece

St. Louis Symphony Field Trip


Listening Behavior

Musical Leadership

School Sing Along

Songs in Other Languages: Spanish

Listening Behavior


School Sing Along & Percussion Performance

 Songs in Other Languages: Spanish


Musical Opposites

Movement Songs that demonstrate Musical Opposites

Accompanied and Unaccompanied Music

Music Recording

Expanded Musical Form

Major and Minor Keys

Instrumental Music Exploration

Music Recording


Music & Math:

-   Repetition

-   Counting

Spring Music Performance

Music & Math:

-   Patterns & Sequences

-   Proportions

-   Sound Production

Guided Repertoire

Spring Music Performance