First Semester Midterm Project

United States History

First Semester Midterm Project: Voices of America – Part 1.

40 points

Block B: October 11-12, Block A: October 20-21

Carefully read and complete each aspect of the following portfolio project.

  1. Select two of the seven guiding themes from our United States History class.
    1. American Identity
    2. Work, Exchange, and Technology
    3. Peopling (Migration and Settlement)
    4. Politics and Power
    5. America in the World (Foreign Policy)
    6. Environment and Geography
    7. Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture
  2. Using the Boisterous Sea of Liberty and/or our additional resources from the Course Outlines select an excerpt from a primary source that directly relates to each your selected themes. (2 sources)
  3. Craft a 3 paragraph explanation of your source that provides the following:
    1. An analysis and interpretation of the source.
    2. Provides context and connection to a broader understanding of American history at the time including other sources.
    3. Evaluates how the source is an example of continuity or change regarding your theme.
  4. You must write out your response. Additionally, each student will make an audio recording of his or her primary sources and a video oral presentation of his or her explanation.