Research Paper Project

Third Quarter Research Paper Unit


 In the Third Quarter students will complete a substantial research unit culminating in a 12-15 page paper (minimum of 3000 words) due at the end of block on March 13, 2017. This is a multiple step assignment with several components and due dates along the way. the entire project is worth 200 points. Carefully follow the format given below as well as use the resources from the Course Syllabus including:

Research Paper Scaffold

Genre and Topic Limitations

This focus of research may be either on American History  or on St. Louis History (any time period of history). 

Themes to Consider:


  1. American Identity
  2. Work, Exchange, and Technology
  3. Peopling (Migration and Settlement)
  4. Politics and Power
  5. America and the World (Foreign Policy)
  6. Environment and Geography
  7. Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture

Research Sub-Assignments and Due Dates

The most important learning aspect of the unit is that students understand that research is a process that involves systematic steps. Each point of the process will be graded and evaluated.

  1. Research Topic and One Paragraph Abstract. Due February 13, 2017. 25 points.
  2. Background Source List and First Outline. Due February 24, 2017. 25 points.
  3. Rough Draft and Bibliography. Due March 3, 2017. 50 points.
  4. Final Draft. Due March 13, 2017. 100 points. 

Research Outline Template:

All papers should follow a scientific research outline. Use the following template to guide your inquiry.

  1. Introduction: (1-3 paragraphs). State your research objective (thesis). Also, explain why this research is relevant and pertinent.
  2. Literature Review: (6-12 paragraphs). Examine and present the background information as supported by the scholarly literature on your subject.
  3. Method: (1-6 paragraphs). Explain how you will systematically examine new evidence or new connections with your research.
  4. Examination of the Evidence: (6-12 paragraphs). Introduce and explain your findings based on your method of inquiry.
  5. Discussion: (1-6 paragraphs). Consider the findings you described and presented in your research. Ask questions. What did you not find? What is the null-hypothesis? Where should research go from here?
  6. Conclusion: (1-3 paragraphs). Reexamine your initial thesis and reaffirm the value and importance of your topic.

Paper Format and Specifications:

The paper should be formatted to all general standards as outlined by the TFS Writing Protocol (On Display in Room 2). The paper should be double spaced, include proper citations (endnotes and bibliography), use MLA or Chicago style formatting of citations, and include a title page.