Meet the International Program Director


Kelly Baxley
International Program Director

Mrs. Kelly Baxley is the program director for our International Boarding Program at The Fulton School. She will take the group of international students on monthly field trips to cultural and historical sites in the surrounding area. She's also available to the students as a liaison between them and their host families and is a great counselor for those times when "home" feels very far away.

Mrs. Baxley is also the ESL instructor for our international students.

A Note from Mrs. Baxley
St. Louis is a new home for me. I moved here 3 years ago after finishing a 2 1/2-year commitment teaching English at Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, China. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee and graduated college with an ESL degree and Spanish minor from the University of Memphis. College was the place I encountered many international students. I met friends from Spain, Korea, and China. This is where my passion to learn about people and their cultures began to flourish. 
I have dreamed of traveling the world ever since I was little. I have traveled to Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and spent extensive time traveling China. After college I decided to pursue my passion for the world and pursued a teaching job in Nanchang, China. I loved getting to know the complex culture of China. During my 2 1/2 years there, I made many good friends, tasted the most exotic foods I've ever tried, traveled to more cities in China than I have in the United States, learned to speak Chinese enough to travel alone, and spent time hiking beautiful mountains in Jiangxi Province. My experience there taught me many things and really helped shape the way I see people and the world. I really enjoyed Chinese medicine, their commitment to after dinner walks, and the way Chinese people love each sacrificially.
I love learning from people from different cultures and look forward to meeting and getting to know the students at The Fulton School.

Mrs. Baxley show in above picture with the international students of the 2015-16 school year, plus the TFS student ambassadors.