Text Books

This year we will again be setting up the Upper School textbook sales like a bookstore.

There's no need for you to order books -- we'll have enough on hand for everyone to buy.

We will begin sales the week before school starts -- you can come by August 10-13 from 8 am to 3 pm , or you can purchase during Open House on Sunday, August 16. (Note: No sales on August 14 due to faculty meetings.)

Check back here in midJuly for a full list of Upper School courses and the books required. Then, log in to RenWeb for your child's class schedule so you can check to see if you already own any of the books.

Through us you can then lease textbooks for $30/book and purchase consumable books (like workbooks and novels/literature) at cost.

When you come to school to purchase books, we will have printouts of your child's schedule readily available. You can choose to pay for books with a check or have the amount billed to your account (will appear on your September 1st statement).

Have questions? Call the office or email .