Camila Sagarra - Brazil


I had such a great experience in America, definitely memories that will last forever. Everyone was always really kind to me and very welcoming. By the first week, America felt like home to me. I made great friends at Fulton and the teachers always helped me when I needed.
             I learned a lot and brought it with me to Brazil and it helps me in school here. In the Academics area wasn't that hard to keep up, as I went to a really tough high school in Brazil I brought already a lot of knowledge with me. But in the History area was difficult because the teacher had a different way of teaching and it was hard to get used to it.
            This experience helped me to improve English as a second language, that gives me innumerable features back in Brazil and also all over the world, with globalization. Besides that I learned how to deal with problems that I never had to before and to be more respectful and comprehensive with other people, which made me more mature.