Christopher Lütz - Bonn, Germany


Christopher Lütz
 My name is Christopher Lütz and I am currently living in Bonn, Germany.  I have stayed in the United States of America from 2010 to 2011 within my lovely host-family the Loyds, who live in St. Albans, Missouri.
Before I start talking about my experiences in general, I need to indicate you some backround infortmation about the way I lived together with my host-family and how it enhances not only my life, but also the life of my entire family.
The Loyds, with whom I spent about 7 months, have three children, who all went with me together to the "Fulton School at St. Albans", which made in incredibly easy for me to integrate myself into the tremendous community, which exists at the Fulton School. Therefore I felt accepted and respected right away, people were introduced to me nicely and sports and various other activities simplified the new situation of learning a new language and meeting new people everyday extremely.
But not only within the school you feel at home very quickly, but the entire community, consisting of students, their parents and entire families are interested in you as an individual person.
Everyone tries to support you as much as possible. I do not even know where to start, because I had the honour to enjoy so many things. Just to state some examples: My host family took me on trips to almost everywhere; very interesting cities like New York, Chicago, Orlando, Canton, St. Louis and alot of other places.
But not only my family cared about me, but other families, too. Before I went with my real host family to Orlando during the winter-break, an other family of one of my friends took me with them on a trip to Wisconsin for snowboarding, which was an unbelieveble experience.
I might have bored you with all those information, but what I am trying to emphasize is, that even if you might not notice it in the first place, but everyone at Fulton School cares deeply about you in particular and about your relationship to your classmates and your teachers.
This leads me to a second point beside the wonderful community of Fulton School:  the teachers and especially the academic exigencies which Fulton School requires.
Eminently for foreign students it might be more complicated to understand everything. And honestly you need to work for outstanding grades in any school of the world, but at Fulton School, you will always find someone, who supports you.
For me, pre-calc was meant to be sort of arrogating, but teachers and also my classmates from various countries helped and supported me in a way that learning became easier and more effective. So, Fulton School offers you a large choice of subjects, which will fit to you perfectly.
Before I entered this community of caring about each other and about the individuals of a community I had not been confronted with something like that. Therefore I would say that my stay at Fulton School and within the US changed my life completely.
Besides the positive social experience by being confronted with the American culture and having a "second" family back there in the United States of America, I found at least some friends for a lifetime, with whom I can still keep in touch.
But furthermore, my real family and my American family are connected closer and closer. For example my younger brother just returned from just the same family and school like I did one year before. And actually my younger host brother will visit us in two days to spend some weeks with us to also get to know something of our German culture.
Summarizing you could say that Fulton School connects you deeply to America and those people you have spent most of your time together, like you can guess, regarding my example and how even my younger brother got the tremendous experience of being a part the the Community of the Fulton School
My time within the USA impressed me so much that I would love to return as soon as possible. I could even imagine studying or living within the USA some day if it might be possible.