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Upper School English

Dr. Hurwitz

Welcome to the English 9-12: Loss & Love website!  What follows are class handouts, with the most recent ones at the top.  (Oh, and I may throw in a useful or interesting link once in a while--but that's likely about as complicated as this will get.)

Maus II project work self-assessment sheets

exam prep sheet

Maus II project packet (due 5/16)

Frost take-home essay prompts (due 4/26)

Frost / Black Cherries in-class essay prompts (4/19)

one-day Robert Frost project work (Wed., 4/17)

in-class essay prep sheet (for essay to be written 4/19)

revised April-May syllabus

April-May syllabus

Shadow in-class essay prep sheet

Shadow project packet (due at beginning of class, 2/26)

Shadow shot sheets

Feb-Mar syllabus

Shadow of a Doubt sequence outline in Word format

Eyes project packet (due 1/31)

Shadow of a Doubt sequence outline (2/12)

prep sheet for Eyes in-class essay (1/25)

senior project proposal form, Microsoft Word

senior project proposal form, PDF

Jan-Feb syllabus

exam prep handout

Macbeth project work (due 12/17)

Macbeth essay assignment (due 12/10)

Nov-Dec syllabus

senior project declaration form (due 12/10)

short Macbeth group work (performances on Th, 11/15)

a suggested procedure for understanding and getting the most out of Macbeth

Maus project packet (due to be completed by end-of-class Thursday, 10/25)

prep sheet for Maus in-class essay (10/18)

Maus small group worksheet

honors projects, October

prep sheet for in-class Streetcar essay (10/5)

honors IWP proposal (due 10/8)

Oct-Nov syllabus

Streetcar project packet, Word format (all work due at end of class, Mon., 9/24)

Streetcar project packet, PDF

revised September syllabus

essay assignment #1:  personal narrative (Common App prompts) (due 9/6)

English overview & aug-sept syllabus

English policy statement

What is honors English?

MLA format