Dr. Steurer

Debbie Steurer
1-2-3 Language Arts & Social Studies

Second Grade

The second grade reading program continues the development of basic reading skills: word attack, syllabication, context clues, phrasing, and oral reading. Conceptual learning at this level includes recall of facts, comprehension, predicting outcomes, and interpreting material. They continue incorporating many different types of literature including fiction, non-fiction, biographies and poetry. A primary focus is reading for enjoyment and enrichmnet. A secondary focus is reaing for informationn which is used in projects. The program focuses on the writing of clear, interesting sentences and simple paragraphs. Stories, poetry, personal narratives, and letters are written. Emphasis is placed on listening and speaking skills. Spelling, phonics and grammare are an integral part of the curriculum. The students are taught cursive writing in the second grade.