Mr. Dittrich

Joe Dittrich
4-5-6 Math and Science

4-5-6 Outdoor Ed



DATES:  SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2018
LOCATION:  Dana Brown Overnight Education Center - Gray Summit, MO
SUPERVISION:  Mrs. Lannert, Mr. Dittrich

ACTIVITIES:   Small and large group team building, creek walks, pioneering skills, journaling, orienteering, cooking, cleaning, dinner conversations, campfire, storytelling, self-esteem development, confidence-building activities, astronomy, night hikes, nature studies, and games.

SUPPLY LIST:  The following list of things is all that is needed for our three days and two nights away from home.  


Please do not bring gum, candy, or any other kind of food.  Also, do not bring any electronic equipment, cell phones, Nooks/Kindles, iPods, hand-held electronic games (i.e. Nintendo DS, etc.) or digital cameras.  If any of these non-essential items are found, they will be confiscated until we return to school.  Teachers will provide cameras for student use.

sleeping bag                                        slippers/flip flops for when in cabin and walking to shower house
raincoat/poncho                                  canteen or water bottle
sweater/warm jacket                          sunglasses (optional)                           sunscreen
windbreaker                                       1 pair shorts                                          toothbrush and paste
1 pair long pants                                deodorant (non-aerosol)                       brush or comb
1 pair sweats/pajamas                     1 neck scarf or bandana                        soap
2 pair underwear                               cap/sun hat                                            journal, pen
2 T-shirts                                             insect repellent
3 pair socks                                        bath towel / wash cloth
1 pair shoes (One pair boots or mud shoes in addition to ones one your feet.)

Note: Girls, please do not bring make-up.

ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT:  This list will be in addition to the clothes that you wear on the day that we leave for the event. Pack in a duffel or athletic bag.

PHONE CALLS:  We will give the telephone number to Parents at the Outdoor Education Parent Meeting

MEDICATION:  If your child is currently taking daily medication, the school medication form needs to be completed.  The form and medication must then be placed in a zip-lock bag labeled with your child’s name.  If you have medication for your child in the school office, the teachers will take that medication to be dispensed at lunch, or as needed.