Mr. Dittrich

Joe Dittrich
4-5-6 Math and Science


What should my child do for math over the summer?  I am offering a solution if you aren't sure.  Summer is a time to play, play, play, have fun, and play some more.  Play helps foster executive functioning skills, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, and self-regulation.  

To avoid the brain drain that takes place when school is not in session, try visiting one of these websites for math activities.  If you want me to send you a packet of math problems I will do that upon request.  Any questions, I am available via email. Have a great summer!

Daily Math Review - Brain Flex math/science program

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division:

Word problems for grades four through six:

Online games to practice everything from basic addition facts to telling time:   

Greg Tang Math

Practice everything from basic math skills to geometry:

Business Math, Money Games

Parents should always monitor their child’s use of any Internet site.