Current Student Testimonials



The Fulton School is a very good school. Although the school is small, everyone is very nice, just like a family. Mrs. Douglas is a very good headmaster, she likes us to ask her questions. In our ESL class, it is interesting as well. Our teacher is a nice lady and she likes us very much, and we also like her. She is nice and if we have questions, she will be glad to answer us. I love this school.



The Fulton School has many grades, You can stay here from when you start school to high school. But each grade is very small, and students are very close to teachers. There's a lot of time to play outside, you will love it!


The Fulton school is smaller than other private schools, you won't have too many classmates, teachers and classes. Also you won't have much pressure. Everyone is very kind and nice. Sometimes they will play jokes on you but I feel we are so close to each other. I'm so glad I'm the part of this school.



Fulton school is a small private school. Students and teachers are really friendly; Teachers are earnest, they like when you ask them questions. Students are witty; they like to make funny jokes. They all take care of our international students. You can join the basketball team, soccer team and so on. It has an ESL class, which can help you improve your English and solve the problems of your life.



It’s a small school, we don’t have a lot of students here, so you can always be close to everyone. I’ve been here for almost one year. I’ve learned a lot, this year but not only academically. I’ve also learned to live independently and make friends. Teachers and classmates are very nice, you can achieve a lot of knowledge if you work hard and dare to talk. ESL class is very supportive, you can always get help from classmates and our teacher. Join us!