Welcome to The Fulton School

At The Fulton School, our warm, inviting, and intricately planned environment helps your child emotionally and intellectually. She'll learn self confidence, self control, independence, and how to be a friend.

In our classrooms, students have the freedom to be curious. They build confidence through exploration -- and confidence can lead to pure joy. And all of this is possible because of our small-school, home-like environment. We think you'll be excited about what you discover at The Fulton School.

Browsing our website is a great way to get acquainted with us:

Our Mission and Philosophy

Lower School (toddler through 6th)

Upper School (7th - 12th)


Learning Support Program

But nothing compares to a personal tour. 
Schedule a tour today that fits in your schedule. Other questions?  Email Diane Loyd at  or call (636)458-6688 today. 


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