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A School That Feels Like Home

Are you in search of a school that feels like home? Where your child feels safe to be himself? Where your teenager feels supported by an entire network of faculty, staff and students?
At The Fulton School, we strive to build a community where your child can grow up well. We believe our small environment creates the perfect setting for that. 
Small schools are very counter-cultural in today’s society — a society where bigger is better! Bigger can be better when economy of scale matters. However, when it comes to relationships, connection, people, and emotions, bigger can be overwhelming, cold, imprecise, and ineffective.
What small schools lack in options, they make up for through connection and that connection allows big things to happen. At The Fulton School, in our small, healthy environment, we believe a student can be both loved and known here. TFS is a place where they can safely face the inevitable challenges, joys, and struggles of growing up.

We are small on purpose; combine our size with our toddler-through-12th-grade student population and we really do feel like home. 
Our students have the same teachers for consecutive years so they truly get to know one another.
Because of our size, assignments -- at all grade levels -- are tailored to the personalities and passions of the group so that necessary skills can be developed in a context where the students *like* the work (even teenagers!).

Our students follow the vast majority of rules because the rules make sense to them because they’ve had a say in creating them.
All of this is possible because of our small-school, home-like enviornment.

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