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We are a co-ed, independent, Montessori school for students 18 months old through 12th grade, located just 10 minutes west of WIldwood and 20 minutes east of Washington.

We do the school stuff really well, but what makes us unique is the village of parents, teachers, staff and students that we have that help children grow up well. And growing up well is important -- your child only does it once! 


Our school is small by design, so whether you have a toddler just learning his gross motor skills, a 4th grader getting interested in coding, or a sophomore passionate about 3D printing, our intimate environment gives students the confidence to shine. There are no ceilings to what children can learn, and no hiding places for them to resist growth.

Though we are small, there's lots of space (literally) where kids can spread their wings. TFS students aren't restricted to desks all day or bound by the classroom walls. Our 13-acre campus includes a creek, forest, farm animals, gardens, outdoor classroom areas, and more. We strive to take learning out of the textbooks and into the outdoors, where Mother Nature herself can inspire the students.

The teaching styles are refreshing, and our students are cherished, engaged, accepted, and passionate about learning.

The Lower School provides an environment where each child’s whole personality is celebrated and nurtured.  Teachers focus on a child’s innate desire for independence, so classrooms allow each child to explore hands-on meaningful work that both reaches the child at his/her current stage and also encourages the child to stretch him/herself. Curiosity, kindness, and integrity are paramount.

The Upper School program offers a strong college-prep curriculum rooted in the Montessori philosophy.  Critical thinking skills, written and oral communication skills, and learning what we might do with what we learn are the highest priorities.  Preparing students for college -- and for life -- are the end goals.  

We invite you to browse our website to find out more about why our students love school:

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You'll learn a lot by exploring our website, but nothing compares to a personal tour of TFS.

When you're ready, contact our Director of Admissions and schedule a no-pressure, stress-free visit to Fulton School. We look forward to meeting you!