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1st Upper School Interim of 2019

For this year's Scholarship Interim, each Upper School student is participating in two of the following options:

Behind the Scenes
Students will tour Bryan Haynes' Studio/Gallery, Contemporary Art Museum, Fox Theater, Third Degree Glass Factory, and Gaslight Recording Studio.  At each of these locations, our students will talk to artists and managers about the business behind the arts. How do artists make money? How do art and music sell? What happens before and after the creation of the art itself?

STEM Careers
What do people who study science, technology, engineering, and math end up doing for a living? Students will visit the quality control lab at Rawlings Sporting Goods Co., several departments at Bayer, and an oil manufacturing company to see STEM careers in action.

Raspberry Pi
In this interim group, it's all about the Raspberry Pi. What's a Raspberry Pi? It's a credit-card sized computer that students use to learn programming with languages such as Python.

Makerspace Business
Our high school Makerspace Business students will work on their product lines and other practices as they learn to grow this business.

3D Printing
Students will be 3D scanning and 3D printing animal castings, bones, insects, and paw prints that will eventually be used as hands-on tools at the Shaw Nature Reserve Visitor Center.

There's an App For That!
Students will work on an app for Shaw Nature Reserve (SNR) that will allow those on field trips there to collect information about insects, plants and animals. Through the app, the information will be sent to a TFS database that will store the info and allow us to create maps for SNR that show where the artifacts were found. These maps will be displayed and distributed to student groups who visit SNR.

Scary Stories
Students will read and discuss scary, creepy, or disturbing short stories to really get in the late October frame of mind.
College Club
Students will devote time to college research, applications, and/or standardized testing preparation with our college counselor, Dr. Hurwitz.

The students in the Forestry group will get up close and personal with trees with our very own self-proclaimed tree-hugger, Dr. Josh Mantooth. They'll learn classic forestry techniques to examine the diversity of trees on our campus and at Shaw Nature Reserve. They will identify tree species, measure their diameter and estimate mass with DBH tapes and biometric equations. And they'll learn about dendrology - the study of tree rings - by taking "tree cores" and using them to reconstruct the growth history of trees and hunt for the oldest trees at TFS. Some of the cores we collect will be used as educational materials by Shaw in conjunction with the ITEF grant awarded to TFS.

How It's Made
Students will visit a variety of manufacturing facilities, a water treatment plant, and a landfill to learn how our everyday items are made and processed.

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