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2019-20 Farm Update

This year Upper School faculty member Mrs. Valerie Mertz will be stepping away from the classroom to take over the role of Farm Manager. We are excited for her to bring her love of the outdoors and her farming expertise to the program. Here is her latest farm update:

Apiary: Two hives are thriving and making honey.  This has been a good bloom year so the bees have been hard at work.  Students will extract honey in mid-September.  Following the extraction, hives will be treated for Varroa mites and prepared for winter. Keep your eyes open -- you may see Mr. Dittrich working with the bees as he is still watching over them for us.

Gardens:  A new raised bed is being installed for Grades 1-2-3. This fall it will be planted with lettuce, spinach, and cabbage.  Before the first frost, the students will harvest greens and treat themselves to homegrown salad.  Every week, the 1-2-3 students will learn about a different agricultural topic or harvest various herbs and vegetables grown on campus.  

Chicken Middle: Mrs. Mertz will also help Dr. Urbano coordinate Chicken Middle's activities (Chicken Middle is our 7th and 8th grade entrepreneurship farm program). One of their first goals will be fall vegetable planting and organizing goat and chicken care.  Egg sales will resume later this fall, and students will treat themselves to omelets from their own eggs and vegetables!

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