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Parent Communication, COVID-19, March 12
Thu, Mar 12, 8:06 PM
Dear TFS Community,
The sand is constantly shifting under our feet, so I wanted to touch base again with you about coronavirus. These are unpredictable times for all of us, and they are scary times for people within the at-risk population. Within our own TFS community, we have doctors and nurses on the front lines, and we have parents, siblings, and grandparents who are vulnerable to coronavirus for various reasons. We want to be conscientious citizens and neighbors and do what we can to help slow down the spread of the virus. We don't want to panic, overreact, or under-react -- and we don't want to act on incomplete information. It's a time for graceflexibility, and patience. 
As I explained last week, our cleaning company is following all CDC recommendations for schools, and our faculty remain vigilant about hygiene and possible symptoms in themselves and their students.  I know there is a lot of information out there, but just so our community is on the same page, I've attached a St. Louis County Health flyer about prevention.  Please read it and make sure it is in sync with what you're already talking about with your children. The CDC website is helpful too if you want to keep up to date without all the news.
Spring Break 
If you are traveling over break, you MUST watch the CDC warnings and confirmed case numbers (you can see US cases here and international cases here).  As of right now (and this could change), if you go on a cruise or travel to a location with 100+ cases, we ask that you DO NOT return to school until 14 days AFTER you return from your destination (aka, self-quarantine). We want to do our part to slow any spreading and protect any compromised individuals within our community. If you aren't sure what to do, don't hesitate to contact me. I will consult with our St. Louis County Health liaison and/or our legal team. 
School Closure  
We have no plans to close school at this point, however, as I said in my last email, we will support whatever measures health officials recommend or our broader community deems important in order to slow the spread or protect compromised individuals.  With that in mind, we are asking all 4th through 12th graders to bring home their textbooks, novels/reading materials, and notebooks tomorrow in case we end up implementing an Online Learning Plan when spring break is over. (Costa Rica travelers can stop by and get their books/materials during break -- be sure to call first to ensure someone is in the office.) Two weeks is a long time in the current climate, and who knows where everything will stand as our break ends. If we close, we will be ready with an Online Learning Plan for each division level. In preparation for online learning, please notify me if your student does not have access to high-speed internet or some type of device. 
This is a snapshot of where we are now.  I will send another update the second week of spring break.  I hope everyone appreciates the necessity of taking extraordinary precautions during these extraordinary times. In the meantime, I wish you all a relaxing time off with your loved ones.  Be safe and stay well!

Kara Douglass
The Fulton School
P.S. Upper Schoolers, remember your backpacks tomorrow! 

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