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Parent Communication, COVID-19, March 25

Dear TFS Community,

The teachers have been working hard preparing for our switch to TFS @ Home, our online learning plan.  This morning we enjoyed our first Zoom video faculty meeting  -- it was SO good to see everyone!  I felt so grateful for everything that technology can do for us. 

Over the next two days, I will share a handbook with you talking through details of our new TFS @ Home plan. If you haven't already, you will be hearing from your child's teachers before Friday. All core classes will kick off the new quarter on Monday with a Zoom video meeting. The teachers will connect with the kids and explain their plans. Then they will all settle into slightly different patterns as appropriate for their students' ages and the particular needs of the subject. I know there will be technical issues, and we are working on a variety of ways to tackle them.

Part of our vision at TFS has always been to be an extension of your home. Now we have the opportunity to make your home an extension of The Fulton School! Our mission remains the same: to challenge and support your children academically and personally as they find their place in the world, with particular focus on loving life and learning.

We cannot replicate the classroom. Instead we will extend the classroom into your home, helping the learning experience find a new environment where it can thrive.  While some social, emotional, and academic experiences are impossible in this new environment (like standing in line to walk to a new class or passing friends in the hallway), other learning opportunities will spring up (like taking turns on Zoom or navigating an online tutorial).  Self-discipline, reflection, self-awareness, and grit are some of the traits that will be tested in new ways. Creativity, communication, collaboration, social skills, and organization have new contexts to spread their wings. Students will keep practicing math, writing, critical thinking, and reading skills as always!

We will aim to connect with students but not overwhelm families; challenge students to grow academically while respecting their need to engage in their households; and move forward with curriculum and routine while allowing students to process the unprecedented changes in the world around them.

We are entering a new educational endeavor as we transfer our education from classroom to home learning. After a couple weeks of isolation and limbo, I'm excited to start rolling out this platform and I look forward to your feedback and partnership.
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