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Parent Communication, COVID-19, March 26

Dear TFS Community,

For the sake of communication, transparency, and clarity, we have created this TFS@Home handbook to guide us all as we continue on this adventure.  We have also placed it on our Coronavirus Response webpage.  In it you will find our philosophy, goals, and guidelines for the next few weeks. Please look through it to educate yourself about our role, your role, and your child's role during our TFS@Home period.  At the end you will find instructions for the Zoom teleconferencing app that our teachers will be using with students, as well as some tech troubleshooting tips. I do want to highlight a few things:

1. Tomorrow you will be invited to join a class Google calendar.  Our hope is to use it to simplify your life--you can sync it with your personal calendar on your phone or computer to save you from scrambling to look up past emails or our website to find out when the next Zoom meeting is or a teacher's office hours (when they will be immediately available by chat/video/email).

2. Grades 4-12 will receive 4th quarter grades for all core classes, but not for Specials and Electives (as listed in the handbook).  These grades will be accommodated for the unusual circumstances in which students are working.

3. In our TFS@Home handbook, we have included some guidelines for videoconferencing to ensure that students are supervised and that everyone feels as safe as possible. We are requesting that students be dressed as they would be on campus and situated in a relatively common area of their house (vs. a private bedroom or basement).  This may be tricky with multiple students in one house, but maybe you can get creative (earphones help!).

4. Lastly, we recommend that you try to keep your family on a schedule, much as you would with physical school in session.  Kids thrive on a consistent schedule (we all do, really), and usually the school day provides this naturally.  Our handbook has some suggested schedules for the various age groups if you're looking for ideas.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any of your questions or concerns.


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