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Parent Communication, Re-Opening 2020

The Outlook for Returning to School

Schools are facing many challenges as they plan for this fall, but most of them revolve around their large populations. At The Fulton School, our small size is a huge advantage in today’s climate, because it reduces exposure and permits flexibility within the building and with scheduling.
We have created an outline (subject to change, of course) of what the fall semester will look like. 

Our Vision for the Fall Semester

  • We will be in the building every day, all day.
  • We will cluster students into mixed-age cohorts (we already operate this way, so it's not a new structure, but boundaries will be stronger).
  • Classroom time should feel normal.
  • Specials, electives, clubs and the daily schedule should feel normal.
  • We will have even more outdoor time built into classes.

Our Advantages

  • Our 80,000-square-foot building provides ample room to spread out, both within the classrooms and throughout the rest of the building.
  • Recommendations to spend time outdoors give us a great excuse to enjoy our 13-acre campus even more.
  • Our ventilation system is already individualized per room, so students are not breathing recycled air from the room next door.
  • The majority of our classes are already smaller than the recommended size for cohorts.
  • Younger students (toddler through 3rd grade) have bathrooms in their classrooms that only their cohort would use. Most classrooms have their own faucets/sinks for handwashing.
  • All classrooms have windows that open to allow for fresh air circulation.
  • The classrooms for our youngest students (toddlers and preschoolers) have external doors for arrival and dismissal.

Precautions to Expect

  • We will incorporate a simplified schedule (when feasible) so that adults who see more than one group of students can take appropriate precautions between groups.
  • We will enforce stricter rules for staying at home if sick.
  • We will request longer absences for children and teachers who are experiencing symptoms (or who have a family member experiencing symptoms) until they can be cleared to return.
  • We will reduce large gatherings indoors (for example, Back to School Night and Friday Morning Gatherings will likely look different).
  • When necessary, we will incorporate short closures if a case shows up in our population; we will plan for possible make-up days if necessary.


Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions: Office (636)458-6688 | Cell (636)751-9953 | Email kdouglass@tfssa.org

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