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Service Partnership with Gambrill Gardens

Starting this January, we are partnering with Gambrill Gardens to create meaningful opportunities to serve others. Because they have so many residents and a wide variety of activities, everyone at TFS -- from the preschool through the high school -- will have the opportunity to share their gifts and build relationships with residents. 

Lower school will visit at regular intervals and participate in craft or recreational activities.  In our upper grades, the students' contributions can grow. We can provide tech help and build garden beds.  

Our vision is that as students focus on the lives of others, they will develop healthier perspective on their own lives; as they build relationships with others in a different stage of life, they will understand their own stage of life; and as they give to others in meaningful ways, they will experience the joy of giving and begin to seek those experiences themselves.
Keep a look out on Facebook for updates on our service days.
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