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COVID Plan 2020-21

For the 2020-21 school year, our overarching goal is to balance safety needs and government recommendations with the developmental needs of our students, aiming to give them the most “normal” experience possible while delivering our mission without compromise. Our plan is to take advantage of our small size and cohort our groups so that students and staff will have minimal contact with all but their regular class. Student life can continue as per usual within these cohorts.

All members of our Fulton School community — students, parents, faculty and staff — share the responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is important that we all remain committed to the procedures and policies in this handbook, as well as all future communications, in order to do our best to maintain the safety of all members of our community.

This school year promises to be the most unique on record as we all face tremendous uncertainty, stark differences of opinion, and a wide range of anxiety and frustration. My hope is that Fulton School can be an oasis of calm, kindness, and grace amidst the craziness around us. This is what your children need most, and this is something we all long for.

The In-Person Experience
Our focus will also be to provide the best learning experience possible under the circumstances, with a preference to retaining the in-person classroom experience. We have put particular emphasis on in-person options for toddler through third grade, recognizing the extra difficulty of the online experience for our youngest students. If officials issue a stay-at-home order during the 2020-21 school year that prevents us from having toddler through third grade on campus, we will work with parents to evaluate available options, such as revisions to the academic calendar.

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