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Online School Store NOW OPEN

6th Grade School Store:

2021 Brings New Format!

The 6th Grade School Store is reopening, but will be starting out slow. It will work differently this year in order to minimize mixing of cohorts/grade levels. Customers will not be allowed to “browse” for items at the store itself, instead orders must be placed online.

You must first have a School Store Account set up before you can place an order. You can create an account or add money to your account by clicking here. The money that you request to be added to your School Store Account will be charged to your next monthly bill.
  • To place an order, use this link to our new online ordering form.
  • To begin the quarter, we will have orders available for pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, you must place your online order before 1 pm on Monday and 1 pm on WednesdayThe same ordering link can be used each week.
  • Orders will be available for pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays on a table set up just outside the school office.
If you have questions about billing/accounts, contact Mrs. Doyle at sdoyle@tfssa.org. If you have questions about the store/products, please email Ms. Burns at jburns@tfssa.org.
We will update you as we streamline the process and hope to work toward same-day orders. Thank you for your patience!
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