Art Fundamentals

A fundamental part of creating is understanding the elements and principles of art.  It's similar to cooking or baking.  The elements of art are the ingredients while the principles of art is the recipe or how you put the ingredients together.  While the elements of art are more or less universally agreed upon, the principles of art of more fluid.  Each month we will focus on a specific element and principle.  We will build on our knowledge of each throughout the year and revisit different elements or principles in different contexts. 

September-  Element: Color       Principle: Pattern
October-      Element: Line          Principle: Emphasis and Movement
November-   Element: Shape     Principle: Balance
December-   Element: Space     Principle: Proportion
January-       Element: Form      Principle: Pattern
Febuary-       Element: Texture  Principle:  Unity
March-          Element: Value     Principle: Emphasis and Balance
April-             Element: Color     Principle: Movement
May-             Element:  Texture  Principle: Rhythm