Process Art

Process art is a movement in which the process of creating art is the focus instead of the finished product.  This new idea in art is similar to Montessori's philosophy concerning the work of the child.  Montessori believed that part of the conflict between adults and children was the purpose of work.  For an adult, the purpose of work is in the finished product.  For a child, the purpose of work is in the process of doing the work.  For example for an adult sweeping the floor the purpose is for the floor to be clean but for a child the purpose is to use the broom, the motion, coordinating their hands to use a dust pan in one and the broom in the other.  Like wise in art, as parents we unfortunately usually only see our children's finished art work but for the child (especially young children) the joy was in the process of creating.   In addition to sharing with you, your children's art work, I will make a particular effort to share with you the process that they took in creating that art work.