Carrie Wilson Herndon
Upper School Math

Middle School Science

Middle School Science

Year A

Our focus this year is on Earth Science (geology, history of the Earth)  and Life Science (cells, genetics). Science is a dynamic study of the world in which we live. We will learn with and from each other via 1. Reading Assignments, 2. Classroom Discussion, 3. Experimentation, 4. Presentations, 5. Online Resources including video, 6. Written Reflection.


Your grade will depend on your completion of Portfolios which will contain ALL of your assignments, along with an end of Unit Project or Test. There are multiple ways in which you can demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter in which we study. Portfolios allow us to work together to demonstrate your understanding of the material. Points are given based on the amount of work that is completed. A fair estimate of your grade breakdown is as follows: 


33% Portfolios (reading, discussion, writing responses, journal entries) 

33% Tests and Quizzes

33% Lab Reports and Projects

Homework: Typical homework includes reading and annotating, writing lab reports, working on projects. You will always be given several days notice to complete homework. It is important to budget your time and complete your homework by the due date. I will write the assignments on the homework board. Late homework will result in a reduction of points earned and may also result in detention. If you demonstrate to me that you need assistance with getting your homework done on time, I will assist you by meeting with you during lunch, or after school. If necessary we can meet  with your parents to help you implement a plan for completing homework. 


Classroom Protocol and Privileges - to be determined by the class.


Materials: You need to bring paper and a writing utensil to class every day. It is a good idea to bring a calculator and your planner daily as well. I will announce the days in which we will have a lab.  On these days you will need to wear closed toed shoes (tennis shoes, boots) and have your hair pulled back (for anyone with long hair). 


Academic Dishonesty:  Cheating, copying, or claiming work to be yours when it isn’t results in a zero for that assignment. In addition, other consequences are likely.