Tuition Information

Tuition, Fees and Other Expenses
The level of tuition and fees, as well as payment and collection policies, are established by the Board of Directors and administered by the Business Office. We try to keep tuition as low as possible while sustaining a sound business. The current tuition and payment options are listed under the Tuition tab. 
Continuous Enrollment Agreement
At TFS, a student’s parents and/or guardians sign a Continuous Enrollment Agreement agreeing to the School’s Terms and Conditions. When students are continuously enrolled, from their initial enrollment until they graduate from The Fulton School, the continuous enrollment process lets us maximize our resources to provide a Montessori-based education to our families at the highest level of excellence. Of course, we realize plans can change. Families can opt-out of the upcoming school year by submitting their request in writing to the school by March 1 to avoid payment of enrollment deposit. For full details, please contact the . The Continuous Enrollment Agreement documents the payment schedule and specific guidelines regarding refund of tuition and fees, limitations on attendance and conditions for a student’s dismissal. Families are encouraged to review the document carefully and discuss any questions with the Business Manager prior to the signing of the Agreement.
Financial Hardship
Once the Continuous Enrollment Agreement is executed, it is the parents’ responsibility to contact the TFS Business Office if, due to a severe financial hardship or setback, the agreed upon payment schedule cannot be met. The school may accept and/or amend a modified payment schedule as proposed in writing by the parents and/or guardian provided, however, that such modification in one stance will not affect the school’s right to require strict compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the signed Continuous Enrollment Agreement in any other instance.
Other Services
Additional fees are charged for services and extracurricular activities that are offered outside of the regular school day. These include Before and/or After Hours care, conference day sitting and camps, and summer programs. Charges such as these will be added to your school account.
Student Supplies
In general, all materials and supplies for students in preschool through third grade are provided by the School. Reusable textbooks are provided for students in grades Kindergarten through sixth. Students in grades four through six are responsible for bringing supplies from home and for purchasing their own copies of literature books. Upper School students are responsible for purchasing and/or renting all textbooks, literature books, and school supplies.
Activity Fees
Activity fees are included in the tuition. Activity fees cover all expenses related to field trips, student photographs, yearbooks, and professional performances and presentations. These monies are not intended to pay for class parties or gifts for faculty or parent volunteers. The fees do not cover outdoor education or the high school international trip.