2018-19 Annual Fund Campaign

We want you to be ALL IN.

Annual Fund isn't just a Fulton School thing.

All nonprofits — from symphonies and museums to hospitals and independent schools — rely on campaigns like annual fund to maintain a healthy, stable organization. Although the support for Annual Fund is calculated in dollars, what each donation represents is just as important.

Your donation — no matter the amount — means you believe in this education. Your donation means you support this community. Your donation means you want TFS here for families for years to come. Your donation means you're all in. $20. $250. $2,500. No matter the amount, we want you to be ALL IN.

About Fulton School’s Annual Fund
We set tuition at a cost that’s affordable for families and in the range of other St. Louis-area independent schools. But tuition doesn’t cover all of our annual operating costs, so that leaves a gap of more than $4,000 per family in the budget. Like all healthy nonprofits, we rely on the generosity of those who believe in us to fill that gap – that’s where Annual Fund comes in.

Easy Ways to Give
• Donate online. It takes just one click to give. 
• Drop your donation off in person at the office.
• Send it by postal mail to 123 Schoolhouse Rd, PO Box 78, St. Albans, MO 63073.
• Check with your employer to see if there is a matching gift program at your company.

Have Questions About Annual Fund?
We have more detailed information here on our website. Or you can contact Kristin Kuchem, our Director of Development & Fundraising, with any questions you might have. Call (636)458-6688 or email .