This Year's Donors

Our Generous Donors: The 2018-19 Annual Fund Campaign

Our 2018-19 "All In" Annual Fund Campaign for The Fulton School is complete and we would like to thank the following individuals, families, and corporations for their generous donations:

Stanley and Debbie Williams
Samir and Shadia Hassan
Gustavo Neumann and Gabriela Toujas
Henry and Kathleen Kruse
Michael and Marti Edwards
Frank and Amy Hannan
AT&T (Nienhaus Family)
Joseph and Deborah Steurer
John and Cheryl Schnurbusch
Karim and Siu Salem-Pon
Chris and Kara Douglass
Ron and Claudia Scott
Diane Loyd
Ryan and Laura Hahn
Carl and Sarah Doyle
John and Kristin Kuchem
Seth Hurwitz and Eleanor DesPrez
Danny and Christine Alt
Benjamin and Diane Verdine
Bridget Dicker
Rob and Lynn Ritchey
Jeff and Tracy Lannert
Delbert and Jennifer Escher
The Leonard Family
The Amant Family
Scott Woodbury and Abigail F. Lambert
Denny and Valerie Mertz
Joe and Janet Dittrich
Michelle Gruender
Doug and Mary Crites
John Austin
Anne Barenkamp and Jake Fisher
The Wilkins Family
Duane and Joy Hercules
Chris and Mary Beth Kincaid
Gene and Erica Eritreo
Castagno Family
Carrie Wilson Herndon and Michael Herndon
Larry and Cindy Hofstetter
Abigail R. Lambert
Elizabeth Wilkins
Jared and Pam Cavness *
Jennifer Arellano
Michael and Monica Jacobson
Matt and Dawn Dufour
John and Christine Hahn
Marianne Kearney
Willard and Linda Chamberlin
Martha Shaffer
Alex and Andrea Levinson
Jennifer Fu
John and Carol Dennis
Brian and Kris Gesme
Charles and Jessica Hoskins
Michael and Lisa Clark
Lyle Frank and Carole Kelly-Frank*
DJ and Melissa Monzyk
Buddy and Tammy Pich
Brad and Jenny Key
Carson and Debi Coil
Cenovus (Hofstetter Family)
Stephen and Nancy Duff*
Lensyl Urbano
Mark and Angie Holland
Dave and Amy Kosanke
Kyle and Ginger Fulton
Keith and Emmanuelle Fulton
Mastercard (The Frank Family)*
*Denotes donations $3,000 and above