Endowed Giving

Endowed gifts are some of the most important donations to an independent school.  An endowment provides a stable and reliable income separate from tuition and fees to support school programs.  An endowed gift is one in which the funds are invested, along with other such gifts, and only investment income is utilized for the donor's stated purpose.  This gives donors the ability to make a permanent and lasting contribution that affects students for generations to come.  Furthermore, the donor has the privilege of naming the gift to honor a family member, a friend, a special faculty member, or themselves.

Establishing an endowment is an important benchmark in the evolution of a school, serving as an important measure of institutional strength and financial security.   These named gift opportunities begin at $50,000. Outright gifts of cash or stock may be used and the maximum payment period is five years. Planned or deferred gifts, such as a bequest, may also be used to establish an endowed named gift. The gift will not be named and listed, however, until it is actually realized. 

The Fulton School at St. Albans accepts gifts to establish the following endowment funds:

  • Tuition Assistance Fund - offsets the costs of tuition and fees for students in need, thus allowing TFS to accept students regardless of financial circumstances. 
  • Merit Teaching Fund - allows TFS to award high-performing teachers with an annual honorarium.
  • Faculty Development Fund - provides funds for teachers to attend conferences, enroll in master's-level classes and take summer sabbaticals.
  • Extra-Curricular and Athletic Activities Fund - assists TFS in covering the costs of travel, equipment, supplies, uniforms, and instruction for extra-curricular and athletic activities.
  • Facility Maintenance Fund - supplies the School with funds to help improve and maintain current facilities and grounds.
  • Student Travel Fund - offsets the cost of travel for students in need who participate in the high school international trip.
  • Head of School Fund - grants discretionary funds to the Head of School for the support of special programs, projects, or needs that arise during the school year. 

If you are interested in making a gift to the endowment, please contact Sarah Doyle, Business Manager, at  or 636-458-6688, ext. 104.