Neighboring Communities

Entry Sign for St. Albans CommunityThe Fulton School at St. Albans is located within the community of St. Albans, Missouri.  St. Albans is an unincorporated community in northeastern Franklin County, Missouri, United States. It lies less than a mile north of Route 100 about seven miles west of Wildwood. It is near the Missouri River and features high bluffs overlooking the river. The community is on the border of St. Louis County, Missouri. The town also borders a small section of St. Charles County, Missouri which, unlike the rest of the county, is on the south side of the Missouri River.
The "St. Albans General Store", (now known as "Head's Store" and "St. Albans Farms Stone Barn" are on the National Register of Historic Places, as is Tavern Cave. The Lewis and Clark Expedition visited that cave and Meriwether Lewis nearly lost his life when slipping down the bluffs here. The expedition journals mention a whirlpool in the river, the Devil's Raceground, which is now dry land, due to a change in the course of the river: it is the portion of St. Charles County anomalously on this side of the river. For many years, the town was the country retreat of some wealthy St. Louis, Missouri families, and included Wings, a hunting club. Since the 1990s, developers changed this area to a major upscale residential community with golf courses.

The Country Club of St. Albans is where our high school students will participate in athletic activities such as golf and tennis.  St. Albans feautures two of the top 10 private golf courses in the state, as well as an olympic-size pool and tennis facility.


About Wildwood, Missouri

One of our closest nearby towns is Wildwood (10 minute drive). It is a town of about 45,000 located in the westernmost section of St. Louis County, Missouri.  Approximately 20 miles west of the incorporated City of St. Louis and 7 miles from St. Albans, Wildwood is most known for its wonderful shopping, outdoor activities, miles and miles of nature trails, multiple state parks and hiking/biking trails.