Little Free Library

The Little Library in Town

We have a Little Free Library on campus. Anyone may use it -- neighbors, friends, passersby.

This book-exchange program is always free. The motto: "Take a book. Return a book." 

Where is it located? As you approach the school on Schoolhouse Drive, you'll see the littlelibrary on the right just before you enter the parking lot.

TAKE BOOKS: If you see something you'd like to read, take it! It's for you. Some books include notes about who donated it or who has read it. You may leave your own note in it when you're done.

SHARE BOOKS: When you're finished reading a book, pass it along to a friend or return it to our (or any) Little Free Library.

LEAVE BOOKS: Your books (for all ages) are always welcome at our (or any!) Little Free Library.

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To locate other Little FreeLibraries in neighboring communities, view their map!

Questions about the program at Fulton School? Email .