Observation Days

We encourage all parents to schedule a Parent Observation Day. Perhaps you’d like to sit in on your own child’s classroom to see the nuts and bolts of his/her day.

Maybe you’d like to sit in on a grade level above your child so you can get a perspective of what the upcoming years might look like.

Or maybe your days of being the parent of a single-digit child are long past but you’d like to see what they do in the younger classrooms so you can better talk to your friends and neighbors about The Fulton School. Sitting in on our Montessori classrooms (preschool through 3rd grade) is an eye-opening experience.

No matter what class you choose to observe, it’s always beneficial.

How does a Parent Observation Day work?

  • Call the office 636-458-6688 to set up a day and time that works best for you.
  • We encourage you to sit in on a class for at least an hour, so you can get a full dose of a lesson. Even better, stay for the entire morning or afternoon.
  • Choose what grade level(s), class(es), and or teacher(s) you’d like to observe. We’ll create a schedule for you that best suits your choices.
  • Be punctual on the day of your visit. Sign in at the school office and we’ll supply you with a clipboard for taking notes.
  • Once your classroom visit is complete, we encourage you to meet with Kara Douglass, our head of school, to discuss your day.

Call the school office today to set up your Observation Day - (636)458-6688 -- or email info@tfssa.org