Hello TFS Families,

It is re-enrollment time!  

This is a big year for re-enrollment and, with so much to plan, we truly appreciate any effort you can make to be timely in your responses.  It makes a huge difference for the jobs and programs that are dependent on specific numbers. You can re-enroll here.

There are some exciting new options for the fall -- a hot lunch program, a shuttle between St. Albans and Chesterfield, and extended before/after hours.

Tuition Rates

Our tuition will remain the same as the 2021-22 school year for returning TFSSA families and can be found on our website here. This is a one-year transition commitment from our Board of Directors in appreciation of the efforts you are making in order to move to Chesterfield with us.

Know that you won't be back next year?

We understand that it can be awkward, but letting us know early really helps our 2022-23 planning. Click here to opt out (that way we won't bug you with reminder emails). We will work to make your transition to another school as smooth as possible.

Not sure what your plans are for next year?

Still on the fence? Want to talk some things through? Please reach out to me or Kara Douglass about your questions and concerns.

We continually strive to provide the best environment for learning for your children, and we are honored that you trust us with this meaningful task.





Diane Loyd
Assistant Head of School
Athletic Director 
The Fulton School at St. Albans