School Store

 The Fulton School Store is a multi-disciplinary activity totally run by the 6th grade class.  The students apply a variety of skills learned from language arts and math class to carry out different jobs. 

Any profits made during the year are dispersed in the 6th grade Philanthropy Project, or to purchase a gift for the school at the end of the year. The profits from the 6th grde play also go towards the Philanthropy Project. Weekly business meeting take place where students utilize Robert's Rules of Order to make decisions and plan events. 

People have different jobs to keep the school store in order and well stocked. The school store sells a  variety of merchandise, such as snacks, school supplies, and all sorts of  Fulton School signature items.  Every once in a while the school store holds special sales, such as snow cone sales, bake sales, and holiday raffles.

To put money on a store account for your child, click here.