Our Classroom

Welcome to a virtual tour of the Toddler classroom!

This is our soft corner.  It's a place where the children can take a rest or a break from the class.  We never use the soft corner as a time out.  

This is the art area of the classroom.  In toddler art, we are focused on the process of art not the outcome.  We are building the skills of how to use a paintbrush, scissors, markers, etc.  As well as, gaining experience with a variety of medium.  With all of the above and with additional materials we are working on our fine motor skills.  It takes a lot of fine motor control to peel stickers off of their paper!  With each sticker your child's fingers get stronger and more coordinated.  

This is the practical life area of the classroom.  This area is designed to give children experience pouring, spooning, tonging, using a sponge as well as cleaning up spills.  Our dressing frames are here too. These allow us to practice buttoning, zipping, buckling etc. 

This is the gross motor area of the classroom.  This age is focused on developing their gross motor.  They are still mastering stairs, running, hopping, climbing, and generally controling and moving their bodies in the way they want them to.  In addition to our classroom activites we talk daily walks around our school community and spend time practicing gross motor development in the gym and/or outside.  

This area focuses specifically on fine motor development.  It focuses on activities that develop the hand.  

The focus on language is all over the classroom and hard to see.  But we do have shelves with material designed to specifically expand vocabulary and encourage language development.