History and Geography

MS Social Studies 
Geography at the Fulton School is focused primarily on map literacy and the basic analytical tools of cartography, including longitude and latitude, contour intervals in topography, and varying map projections. Within each region, students are tested on water forms, land forms, and non-capitol cities, as well as climate zones, watersheds, and shifting political boundaries and divisions. There is also a unit on the creation, analysis, and mapping of basic demographic data.

Studies in War and Empire
These courses emphasize the development of critical and analytical skills; the material for the courses focus on the causes, contexts, and ramifications of large scale human conflict during "War" and on the formation, organization, and devolution of imperial entities over the last 2500 years.

US History
This course continues to emphasize the development of critical and analytical skills; the material for the course focuses on the themes of Trade, Technology, and the Spread of Religion.