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The athletic program at the Fulton School is tailored, like our curriculum, to focus the interests and passions of our students into opportunities for learning.  It began in 2004 with a small but competitive girls' tennis team and has continued with co-ed soccer, cross country, girls' volleyball, boys and girls basketball, co-ed track and field, and golf

If students desire to add a new sport, we do it.  In 2006, during the high school international trip to Madrid, Spain, the students attended a professional soccer game.  Their interest was piqued, leading to the first varsity soccer team in 2007. Volleyball saw its first season in the fall of 2019.

The Fulton School is extremely fortunate to have use of The Country Club at St. Albans, whose golf course has been named in the top 10 private courses in the state of Missouri. The tennis and golf teams both practice and play home games at The Club.


Interscholastic athletics at The Fulton School are focused on building people first, then on building players.  Athletics provide an opportunity for students to learn how to succeed in a competitive environment, working together as a team.  The primary purpose of athletics is to learn lessons such as how to improve physical fitness, make better strategic decisions, and develop self-discipline.  

Because athletics are a central part of our curriculum, students in grades 9-12 are required to play one varsity sport per year.  Many of our athletes compete in sports that they have never played before, but they have a great time learning new skills and contributing to a team.  Some of our students play two or three sports each year out of passion for athletics.

Though our athletic program is young and our teams may be outnumbered, success is measured by the lessons our students take with them rather than the numbers on the scoreboard.  Even when our teams do not defeat opponents, they win the respect and admiration of their fellow students, the competition, and the community. 

As an important part of our curriculum, athletics at The Fulton School is an opportunity for students to lay the foundation for life.