College Counseling

Our Philosophy

It is important to us that we meet the student where he/she is, and, through a personalized response of challenge and support, help every student reach his/her greatest potential.

We know that each student has a different story, and that each student comes to the college process in his/her way and in his/her own time. Some students will seek help and guidance daily, and some will proceed more independently. A few may find that when they are finished at TFS, their post-secondary path leads to travel, work, or community service, and not directly to college.

Whatever the path, our counseling goal is the same: to help find the college that is the best match with the individual student's abilities, interests, and ambitions.

Dr. Seth Hurwitz

Dr. Seth Hurwitz is our college counselor. In addition to teaching high school English, he is also the Upper School Dean of Students. He holds a parent event once a year for high school parents to introduce them to the topic of college admissions. He begins meeting with students when they are juniors to discuss what they would like out of the college process. Our students have a wide range of college goals, from aiming for the most selective universities to big state schools and small regional liberal arts schools. He customizes his assistance to the needs of each student.

Seniors in the process of applying to colleges depend on him for intense application help throughout the fall and winter. He gives them as much time as is needed to shine through their personal essays. He also fills out counselor recommendations (which are time-consuming, however, in our case, very thorough because by 12th grade he knows your child very well). He works with the teachers as necessary on their teacher recommendations and helps the students strategize about who to ask and how to approach a teacher/community member for a recommendation. He makes sure all of the Fulton School paperwork is accurate and sent to colleges in a timely manner. And lastly, he oversees our profile -- the introduction of our school and the explanation of our transcript to each college.

We are fortunate to have a faculty full of excellent writers (it is important for recommendations to be very articulate), who know the kids very well, and who understand what the colleges want to see.  Fifty percent of the high school core faculty have worked at the university level at some point in their careers.

We are small, but faculty expertise is strong and our college counselor is kind, beloved, and a huge help during the college process.