ESL Program


Give your child a competitive advantage for higher education with a Fulton School ESL High School Education.

The Fulton School at St. Albans offers international students a tremendous opportunity to participate in a culturally rich, immersive education through our International Student ESL “English as a Second Language” program. 

Our academic program combines learning English with a true rigorous academic curriculum.  Not only do our students become fluent in English during their middle and high school years, but they are exposed to and taught at the same academic level as their domestic peers.

Starting an ESL program prior to the college years gives your child a competitive advantage when considering higher education in the United States.  By introducing English alongside a rigorous academic curriculum at an earlier age, students get the competitive advantage they need to be successful and happy in a higher education environment.

The Fulton School at St. Albans' ESL program accepts students from middle to 
high school through senior year (7th grade through 12th grade).  Admission is granted based on academic strength, financial stability, and a satisfactory level of proficiency in English.  Throughout these pages you'll find information on the requirements and benefits of our English as a Second Language program.

The Fulton School at St. Albans ESL Program provides:

  • Full ESL support, focusing on grammar/writing (contextualized grammar) and tailored to the students' courses at TFS
  • Weekend cultural activities to immerse students in American life (pumpkin patch, skiing, landmarks, college tours, capitol)
  • Opportunities to play soccer, basketball, track, tennis and golf (on one of the top golf courses in the state)
  •  Opportunities to travel abroad with the school and other American students (Europe and Central America) in conjunction with TFS curriculum
  •  Small, nurturing environment where students will find a home away from home
  •  Ambassador Program - TFS families adopt international students to bring them to their homes for homemade food, family time, and outings 
  • The Fulton Program includes:
    • ESL Instruction
    • Advanced Upper School academic curriculum
    • Complete Housing package
    • Cultural Immersion
    • Athletic Program
    • College Placement Opportunities
    • Small supportive family environment
The links at the left provide more information about our International ESL program.  If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting program, or know of potential candidates, please .