Frequently Asked Questions

Will the program have a limited number of students?
Yes.  While the numbers could have varying configurations, there is only so much space and time. Sign up early to be sure there is a spot for your student -- we do fill up.

Will my child be pulled out of class?
We will devise a custom schedule for your child based on his/her needs, age, and tutors.  Most students leave class at some point to have quiet one-on-one time their tutors, however this is not always necessary.
Does my child have to have a diagnosis to be a part of the program?
No.  Students may use the program for remedial support, organizational support, or to assist a transition from another institution.  We may require some students to take advantage of the program as a condition of admission or re-enrollment, or parents might request the program to optimize their child's growth.
Will the tutors help with coursework?
Yes.  Teachers and tutors will collaborate closely about course content and expectations as well as the student's skills and habits, and provide supplemental work as necessary.
How long will my child need the support program?
Our goal is to teach your child sufficient habits and skills that they grow out of the program and become self-supportive.  This may take anywhere from one to four years, depending on the age, needs, and input of the child.
Is financial assistance available to participate in this program?
At this time, while the program is young, we are unable to offer financial assistance for the program fees, but we can for the annual tuition outside of the program fees.