Our Faculty

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Name: Amant, Stephanie
Title: Director of Enrollment
Education: B.A. Communications from Missouri State University
Comments: With first-hand knowledge of how The Fulton School community can enrich the educational and social experiences of a variety of students, I am eager to introduce prospective families to TFS and share what the school has meant to my family!
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Name: Austin, John
Title: Upper School English, History, Drama, A Cappella
Education: B.A. Anthropology from Duke University, Ph.D. Theatre History from University of Illinois
Comments: Strong habits of mind make an enormous difference as young people grow into adulthood. I came to The Fulton School after 12 years of working in colleges, simply because I wanted teaching to be a larger part of my day. Every day here, my principal motivation is to help students become the kind of students that college professors really want in their classrooms: students who are both fearless and thoughtful, who have well-developed problem-solving and communication skills, and who understand from their experience here that all of us together are smarter than any of us alone.
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Name: Barenkamp, Anne
Title: Upper School History, International Program Director, 1818 Program Coordinator
Education: B.A. from Rhodes College, M.A. from St. John's College
Comments: As a high school history teacher, I have the pleasure of sharing my passion for studying the past while building skills for the future with my students. We are able to examine historical evidence to uncover the values and beliefs of those who came before us, which, in turn, helps us develop our own values and beliefs. As the International Program Director, I enjoy working closely with our international students to provide academic support and promote their success both in and outside the classroom. To foster intercultural awareness and fun in our community, I work alongside international students and student ambassadors to plan activities and events, such as a celebration of the Chinese New Year. I am in my tenth year as a teacher and as a provider of international student support, and I am delighted to be a member of the diverse community of teachers and learners at The Fulton School!
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Name: Burns, Juliet
Title: 4-5-6 Math & Science
Education: B.A. from University of Hawaii
Comments: I am so excited to continue my path as an educator at The Fulton School. I look forward to becoming part of such a caring and nurturing school that encourages its students to seek out their interests and explore who they are as individuals and as a part of a community. It brings me joy to see students apply what they have learned to their everyday life. At the Fulton School the opportunity for real world, hands on learning seems boundless. I can’t wait to be a part of it.
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Name: Crites, Mary
Title: Resource Teacher
Education: B.S. from Southeast Missouri State University; graduate work in Special Education from University of Virginia
Comments: My main gratification from teaching is when I see the light go on when my students finally grasp a skill or concept that they have been struggling to understand. There is nothing better!
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Name: Dicker, Bridget
Title: Toddlers / Preschool / Kindergarten
Education: Diploma: American Montessori Society- MOMTEP Reading Reflex Instructor
Comments: I get to see the joy on children’s’ faces as they exclaim “I did it!” I get to learn as much as I teach. There’s nothing like a child’s perspective to keep you in the present. It’s the best gig in town!
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Name: Douglass, Kara
Title: Head of School
Education: B.A. English Literature and German Studies from Rice University, M.A. Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary, AMS Montessori Certificate 3-6 year olds
Comments: I love being in an environment where *everyone* is learning to be the best version of themselves they can be. We all take risks; we all grow; we all work as a team to create an ideal learning community. This makes for a pretty happy, fulfilling, and inspiring group!
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Name: Doyle, Sarah
Title: Business Manager
Education: B.S. Accounting from Truman State University; Certified Public Accountant
Comments: I love this community and knowing we're making a difference in kids' lives.
Name: Fulton, Ginger
Title: 1-2-3 Assistant, Learning Center Tutor
Education: B.S. Music (with an emphasis in Physics) from Colorado College, M.A. Education from Maryville University, American Montessori Society Primary Certification
Comments: I love the moment when a child realizes she has mastered a new skill. This isn’t just the moment a child reads a word, but when she realizes she can read and understand an entire book. It might be the moment a student understands that he can play a familiar song on the piano for his friends to recognize. Or when a person catches her breath and chooses to discuss problems calmly instead of letting her anger flare. In that moment, there is self-awareness, connection to others, and a joy that is delightful to witness.
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Name: Hahn, Laura
Title: Director of Marketing
Education: B.A. English with Journalism minor from Missouri State University
Comments: As the marketer of The Fulton School, I spend a good deal of time observing, watching this unique and amazing education unfold firsthand. It could be a preschooler experiencing an A-HA moment in the Montessori classroom, or a teacher closing his eyes and whispering "Yes!" as a student grasps a physics concept, or maybe a shy fourth grader who ends her first Science Fair presentation in front of her class with a grin from ear to ear, or it could be that teenager who performs a random act of kindness undetected in the back hallway. Being present for these types of everyday happenings at The Fulton School gives me the best seat in the house for telling the TFS story. Best. Job. Ever.
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Name: Hassan, Shadia
Title: Preschool / Kindergarten, Upper School Art, Arabic
Education: B.A. Fine Arts from Lebanese University, American Montessori Society (AMS) Teaching Certificate 3-6 Year Olds
Comments: I love to see the light go on in the children’s eyes when they learn something new and their energy energizes me. Also, I love and enjoy the newness of each day with the preschoolers. I get a great deal of satisfaction and joy. I love to hear the kids’ questions, explanations and ideas. I love seeing the new discoveries every day.
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Name: Hurwitz, Seth
Title: Upper School English
Subtitle: Director of College Counseling
Education: B.A. Literature and Language from Bennington College, M.A. English and American Literature from Washington University, Ph.D. English and American Literature from Washington University
Comments: My favorite moments as a teacher come when I realize the conversation has taken off--and that, if I were to leave the room, it would continue; when the students' desire to share their ideas and to learn from one another has overridden their collective notion that teachers only teach and students only learn: when they feel enthusiastic about exploring a poem, pressuring an idea, considering their own writing--when they're joyfully learning, in other words, for the sake of learning. That's when I learn the most and when I know I'm doing my job. And that's when I have the most fun with it, too.
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Name: Kay, Kirby
Title: Lower School Music (Suzuki Instructor)
Education: B.M. from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Comments: I love teaching because of the development I am able to observe with each individual child - both musically and personally. Through the discipline of learning an instrument in a warm and consistent environment, students can learn how to take life’s challenges and grow through them in a way that is meaningful. I am honored to be let into the lives of children to help in any way I can in order to raise children who become thoughtful, capable individuals who can appreciate and contribute to the beauty of our world.
Name: Kleeman, Victoria
Title: Upper School Music
Education: B.A. Music and Psychology from Augustana College, M.B.A. Music Therapy from Maryville University
Comments: I believe that everyone has an inner musician. I am excited to be able to bring out students' inner musicians in ensemble and individually. Learning how to read music, play an instrument, and be in an ensemble are skills that can bring you joy and friendships for the rest of your life.
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Name: Kruger, Kristen
Title: 1-2-3, Lower School Art
Education: B.A. Paralegal Studies from Maryville University; M.A. Education from Maryville University. AMS (American Montessori Society) Certificate for 3-6 year olds, 0-3 training from MECA, and 6-9 training from Houston Montessori Center.
Comments: Children are attempting to establish their independence and determine where they fit into the world. Helping to foster their independence and find their place in the world is my source of joy and purpose. It’s not my classroom, it’s our classroom. It’s our place to grow and learn and to try new things.
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Name: Lannert, Tracy
Title: 4-5-6 Language Arts & Social Studies
Education: B.S. Elementary Education from Missouri State University, M.A. Education from University of Missouri-St. Louis, Certifications: Elementary Education 1-9, Library/Media Specialist K-12, French Education K-9
Comments: I love teaching because every day I learn something new about myself, the world and my students and because I work in a place that celebrates every thing that is special about children. I am honored to be teaching some of the most wonderful children on the planet.
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Name: Loyd, Diane
Title: Assistant Head of School | Athletic Director
Education: B.S. Medical Technology from St. Louis University, B.S. Physician Assistant from St. Louis University
Comments: The overall attitude towards students at The Fulton School is one of compassion, support and love. Students are valued for who they are and what they bring to the classroom. While the academics are challenging, the students are supported emotionally and physically as they learn to love learning on all levels. The school is a happy place, filled with curious, engaged students; caring and creative teachers and an administrative staff that supports both. I am proud to be part of this wonderful institution.
Name: Mantooth, Corissa
Title: Upper School Science & Math
Education: B.S. Biology with minor in Psychology from Truman State University, M.S. Biology from Eastern Illinois University
Comments: I love teaching because I love empowering students and helping them to achieve what they thought was impossible. For that reason, I especially love teaching Math and Science. They are both topics that students often struggle with and often fail in before they succeed. It is my goal in the classroom to create an inclusive and understanding environment where students feel safe to take risks and potentially fail so that they can learn more deeply and critically. When a student can make connections between our classroom and their daily experiences, I know that not only are they closer to understanding the value of the content, but they are also closer to understanding the value of their persistence in mastering the material.
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Name: Mantooth, Josh
Title: Upper School Science & Math
Education: B.S. Biology from Truman State University; Ph.D. Geography from Boston University
Comments: I love teaching because I believe that a teacher has the power to help transform lives and allow students to unlock a potential in themselves that they may not always see. I love math and science because they provide a useful framework for asking questions and looking critically at the world around us. I'm excited to be teaching at a school that gives students ownership of their learning and recognizes that no two students learn, or express their learning, in exactly the same way.
Name: Mertz, Valerie
Title: Farm Manager | Resident Beekeeper
Education: B.A. Biology from Middlebury College (Vermont); M.A. Educational Processes from Maryville University
Comments: Agriculture and gardening are keystones in my life. For 42 years, I have enjoyed assisting my husband’s soybean and corn operation at Mertz Farms in Elsberry, MO. I have also enjoyed years of vegetable and flower gardening, canning, freezing, and preserving homegrown produce. There isn’t anything more relaxing than getting lost in weeding, pruning, and planting a garden. I am a member of the Master Gardeners of St. Charles County and of iris and daffodil societies. I look forward to sharing my passion for agriculture and gardening with the students of The Fulton School.
Name: Platz, Rick
Title: Facilities Manager
Name: Rueter, Emma
Title: Upper School Spanish
Education: B.A. Anthropology, Spanish, Latin American Studies from Beloit College, M.A. Spanish from Middlebury College
Comments: I love languages and the way that they can serve as a platform for exploring the world, considering cultural perspectives, and inspiring curiosity in many shapes and forms. I am very excited to share this passion at The Fulton School and to discover ways in which to connect to each and every student in Spanish.
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Name: Scott, Claudia
Title: Assistant to the Head/Registrar
Comments: I love my job! Being front and center for the school, I get to interact with everyone - whether it is a parent, student, or the faculty and staff. I enjoy when the younger students come up to the office to show me their work, read to me or just give me a hug. It is true that the school is a family where everyone knows each other. I see the high school students in the Keeping Room calling out to younger students to say hi as they go to PE, Art or Music. We have an amazing faculty who teaches students to really enjoy learning. My grandchildren get to experience this amazing school now and I love hearing about what they are learning on the drive to and from school.
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Name: Sharma, Audrey
Title: Lower & Upper School PE
Education: B.S. Physical Education from Central Missouri State University; M.S. Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport Sciences from University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii
Comments: "Love what you do and do what you love"... I couldn't ask for a better career. My students' energy is contagious, and they keep me excited to come to school each day.
Name: Steurer, Deborah
Title: Learning Center Reading Specialist
Education: B.A. Elementary Education from Notre Dame College, M.A. Special Education from St. Louis University, Ph.D. Educational Administration from St. Louis University
Comments: Sharing time with a child learning is an amazing joy. For me, the opportunity to support children as they learn, as they discover their talents, feel good about themselves, and grow is a gift. Each child, each new day is another blessing.
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Name: Toujàs, Gabriela
Title: Lower & Upper School Spanish
Education: B.A Education and Fine Arts from National College of Fine Arts P. Pueyrredon (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Comments: I love teaching Spanish because I am able to incorporate and show my own roots, not only through language but also through culture. I grow as an individual when I listen to them ask their questions in Spanish - knowing they want to learn and speak the language. Being a part of this experience is incredible for me!
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Name: Urbano, Lensyl
Title: Upper School Science & Math
Subtitle: Makerspace Director
Education: B.S. from York College (CUNY), PhD Geology and Geophysics from University of Minnesota, Montessori Secondary(I) credential, Houston Montessori Center
Comments: I've always been impressed by the creativity and ingenuity students display when given the opportunity; they learn so much more when they are engaged with the work. I find that my primary role as a teacher is to try to spark students' interests and imaginations, to create an exciting environment where we can all learn.