2018 Trivia Night Auction Items & Sign Up Parties

As part of our 2018 Fulton School Trivia Night & Auction, we offer unique TFS Gifts in our silent auction as well as teacher- and parent-hosted Sign-Up Parties for kids and adults. As a convenience for TFS parents, we are offering these items for bid/sign-up online this year. Here are this year's offerings:


  • Personalized Street Sign
  • Reserved Parking Spot #1
  • Reserved Parking Spot #2
  • Name the Apiary
  • Name the Chicken Coop  SOLD
  • Front Row Seats: 6th Grade Play  SOLD
  • Front Row Seats: 6th Grade Moving Up  SOLD
  • Front Row Seats: Senior Commencement
  • Manage a Fire Drill

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  • Canvas Painting Party (with Glitter!) with Suzanne Garbus - Friday, April 6
  • "Night at the Museum" with Mr. & Mrs. D and Dr. Steurer - Friday, March 2
  • Movie Night with Mrs. Lannert & Mrs. Crites - Friday, March 2
  • Bob Ross & Riesling with Mrs. Fu- Saturday, March 10

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