A Closer Look at Our Mission

Driven to be better.

The faculty, staff, parents, and students at The Fulton School work together to make our school’s mission an active part of everything we do.

Being mission-driven motivates us to offer children a better education.

Being mission-driven ensures our students have a better childhood.

Our mission isn’t about how we’re going to deliver a better education, it’s about why.

Every school in every small town and in every large city teaches children to read, write, recite and compute. But at The Fulton School, we have an attitude and approach that sets us apart.

We believe in growing the “whole” child – in fostering confidence, initiative, philanthropy, and life-long learning. When we focus on these things, our students acquire skills that will bring them success and fulfillment -- far more than any academic accolades could.

Most likely, you won’t read our mission statement and say, “Wow, I love that mission statement. I want my child to go THERE!”

But after you meet our teachers, we believe you’ll get a sense that they’re approaching learning differently than most. They’re seeing kids as individuals. They’re nurturing them in their weak areas. They’re challenging them where they’re strongest. They're mission-driven.

You’ll see our our classrooms, our gathering and study spots, and our outdoor spaces and know that this place feels less like a school and more like home. That's on purpose. We were mission-driven when we designed this building.

Mrs. Kara Douglass, our Head of School, says it best:

“It's amazing how a simple shift in goals can change the tone of an entire institution. Most schools focus on academic and athletic excellence and achievement. But they focus so much on content, memorization, test scores, and getting into college that they lose sight of the child who is in front of them. When we shift from achievement to joy, from excellence to inspiration, from product to process, and from content to skills, the atmosphere shifts entirely. Children can achieve and excel without sacrificing character, joy and love of learning along the way. This is The Fulton School. 

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